Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Job searching / Exploring the area

So I finally got my spreadsheet of schools/school districts set up and have all the school districts websites bookmarked and arranged by county. Now I can see which schools have positions open that are closest to us. New Jersey isn't like Texas where the school districts are larger. Each little township or borough has their own little school districts (sometimes with only one school!). Voorhees actually has 2 school districts and it's really not that big of a place. There's also no centralized job search for public schools here. The school districts can use njhire.com or njschooljobs.com to post their jobs, but don't have to. Sometimes it's just posted on their website. So after the long exhaustive search, I've found as many job opportunities as I can. I've already applied to 4 through njhire.com and just recently applied to Cherry Hill school district using their own online application. I forgot how un-fun job searches are.

We're feeling out how bike friendly this place is. There are some bike lanes, but not a whole lot and the sidewalks, when present, can be rather sketchy. This past Saturday I planned out a route using mostly bike lanes that gives us a little more than 13 miles to the end and back. One of the links on our path actually didn't exist, so we had to Improvise, but it really was a nice ride. On our detour we got to check out the swanky Voorhees houses. Now we understand why Voorhees is considered a rich area. The neighborhood we took this picture in reminds me a lot of Lake Jackson - really tall trees and large yards. Coming from Temple, I'm not used to so many huge trees.

The pets have been doing pretty well lately. Either Roxy is getting used to the apartment and noises or her anti-anxiety medicine is kicking in. Piper, as always, barks at everything that comes nearby. We swear that Tobias thinks he's a dog. We've never seen a cat lay like this on their own.

I also found a junk cruiser bike on craigslist for $25 for Joce to ride to the PATCO station and not have to worry about it being stolen. It's an Executive 3-speed cruiser that had everything except for a seat. It had been sitting around in a warehouse collecting dust. After cleaning & lubing everything, it works pretty well for a $25 bike. After a visit to Target for a $5 bike lock and Wal-Mart (yes, i know - I hated doing it, but I wanted to stay on the cheap) for a $15 seat, Joce is all set up. $45 for reliable transportation to the PATCO train station nearby is a pretty good deal!

peace out!