Saturday, August 16, 2008

birthday gifts, Katy, trash freebies, jobs, grocery stores and the park...

So I titled my blog to help me stay on track and not start talking about something random. My birthday was not too long ago and I don't feel any older. I guess that's good. But I got some great cards and money (THANKS Granny & Gran!!) and a GPS from the folks. Around here it's a life-saver and it's pretty well updated. Of course there are times when I accidentally take the wrong street (since it's so confusing!), but thank goodness it re-routes us.

mr. bill and my angel watching over the gps

Our friend Katy came in from New York this past weekend and hung w/ us. We wanted to give her a good Philadelphia experience so we went to Gino's Steaks - supposedly one of the best places in Phila to get a cheesesteak sandwich. Honestly, it wasn't all that great. Kinda dry. I think the Castilian made better cheesesteaks when i was a sophomore in college. Anyways, I probably won't be going back anytime soon. Didn't get that great of a comfortable feeling there. If I wanted to fit in, I'd need shorter hair, a north-east accent, a sense of "i'm better than most folks", a wife-beater shirt, and a phillies cap. Plus it was posted everywhere that they had the right to refuse service to anyone and "Order in English! This is America!" Not the most welcoming place and from what I've read on wikipedia, Geno (aka Joe) said the signs were directed towards the Mexican immigrants in the neighborhood. Sounds very "patriotic" - note the sarcasm. After all, it should say, "Order in Lenape or Susquehannock! This is America!" if we're being historically correct.

Joce and a horse at Geno's

We ate breakfast Saturday morning at the Pop Shop in Collingswood, NJ. It's a great place and very veggie friendly! Our luck, we stumbled upon a little street fair there in Collingswood and spent the morning. It was very much like the Pecan Street Festival in Austin.

Where's Jocelo?
See if you can find Jocelyn in the photo below:

I love dumpster diving and the great things you can find. We came home this past week just in time to find a perfectly good 20" or so TV and a nice little black mesh waste paper basket. We had a cable hookup in the bedroom, but didn't have a TV, well now we've got it hooked up so we can fall asleep to cable or a movie! It's a little big for the filing cabinet it's on, but it's functional.

scary santa watching the free apex tv

The job hunt is still going. I've applied to two schools which would both be great. One is exactly 3 miles from the apartment and the other is a great private Christian school near Camden. I've been calling and sending in my stuff, so now I'm just waiting (and calling to remind them how interested I am every so often). Let's cross our fingers!!

We're still looking for a grocery store that is similar to our wonderful HEB back home. The places we've found so far aren't all that great. There is a Whole Foods not too far away, but they're usually expensive. There's a Trader Joe's that has good prices and good food, but it's kinda small so we can't get all our groceries there. Genuardi's right next to us didn't impress us much at all. Our last trip we went to Acme and so far it's the best of the bunch. It had a good natural/organic section and most of everything else we'd need. The apples were really expensive and so was the cheese, but besides that, everything seemed to be ok. We might try the local Shop-Rite next. Stay tuned!

The weather up here is beautiful! If you've been reading Jocelyn's blog also (which you should be! - click here if you haven't), you'd know that we barely turn on the a/c and usually just have the windows open all day. I'm looking at the temperature right now in the middle of the day and it's only 79°F! We woke up nice and late today and rode our bikes to the nearby park. We brought a basketball and our tennis stuff just in case there was someone already playing on either court. Turns out there was only one tennis court taken, so we tried basketball first. I'm horrible and Jocelyn hasn't played in a while, so that was fun/funny. Then we went to the tennis court and Joce showed me a little how to play. I'm not all that good at that either. I should probably stick to cycling and handball. But we had fun nonetheless.

Joce on her awesome cruiser

Alright, well I've got stuff to do today, so I best get going.

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a-style said...

Hey Cuz, you and Joce's blogs rock! So who were you meaning when you said hip and cool 30-somethings? Just kidding, you'll always be a cool 20-something to me. :) High-five Mr. Bill and Angel for me, they are good GPS watchers! Love ya, amy