Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting lost is becoming the norm...

So Joce and I just finished watching the movie "Be Kind Rewind" and it was awesome! I love both Jack Black and Mos Def. Plus the film was shot in Passaic, New Jersey! It sounds like what happened to Passaic is similar to what happened in Camden, NJ - factories and businesses left town with all the jobs and killed the town. But aside from that, I highly recommend watching this movie if you haven't already.

This morning Joce went for a walk with the dogs and I thought I'd go ahead and explore the area on my bike and go for a ride. Well I got all geared up and spandexy and plotted out a way to get to nearby Berlin Park. It looked like it'd be about 6.5-7 miles or so - not too bad. Well first off, I'm pretty out of shape. I haven't cycled for any extended amount of time (read: more than 20 minutes) for a little while now. Getting started it was really nice. Berlin Rd and Egg Harbor Rd are pretty nice, not too busy and they're either wide enough for a car and bike or have a bike lane. Well, I got into Lindenwald, then added ~2 miles to my ride since Lindenwald doesn't believe in normal street signs. No, instead of street signs I guess they think it's cute to have little posts in the ground with the street name on them. I missed it on a bike. I figure a car would have even more trouble. So after figuring this little tidbit of knowledge out, the street I wanted to turn on didn't actually connect to the street I was on. Google maps isn't so reliable up here. It's easy when most of the streets fit a grid pattern like back home, but (I've already complained about this already) when the streets go all caddywhompas, it gets confusing. Got to the park and the street to turn into the park didn't exist - Thanks Google! Overall, it was a nice ride and should take ~14 miles if ridden correctly. It's kind of nice starting to figure out where to go without having to look at a map. I guess getting lost is all a part of the game. Afterall, it's how I started figuring out computers. Whoops, I messed that up. Now I gotta figure out how to fix it or my dad's gonna have my ass. It was pretty good motivation.

Tomorrow we're off to get new plates for the car. We're going to get the cute "Animal Friendly" plates. Just look at it. Doesn't it make you smile?

Hopefully that won't take too long and we can get on with the rest of the day.

Oh yeah, speaking of the rest of the day. Joce scheduled a dentist checkup for both of us and it turns out my great dental insurance is only for Texas. If I wanted a checkup, I'd have to fly to Texas. So much with being glad I've got insurance here. :-P

And the greatest news today, I got my official State of New Jersey Standard Teaching Certificate!! It says I've "met all of the requirements established by the State Board of Education and [am] authorized to serve in the public schools of New Jersey as indicated below: Teacher of Mathematics." It's good from 07/2008 until forever! YAY!

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Unknown said...

Hey Jas! Got a real "belly laugh" when I read the part about "my Dad having my ass". Actually brought tears to my eyes I laughed so hard....but you're right, I was (and still am) pretty anal when it comes to computer issues. Good motivation....I like that. YOU'RE THE BEST! Love, Dad