Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chrome fenders on Arizona

Check out these amazing new-old-stock Weld fenders I just got for my bike. After the softball game today, we went by a local bike shop to pick up some brake pads for Jocelyn's cruiser. I asked if they had any fenders for 700c wheels and when the guy heard I had an old raliegh bike converted into a fixed gear, he went downstairs and pulled these beauties out. They were still in the original bag with all original hardware. The tape that was holding the two fenders together was so old, I still wasn't able to get it all off the rear fender. There was a couple of surface rust spots, but the guy was right. They look amazing, eh? I just tried it out and went through several puddles with none of it getting on me. I wanted some slender fenders to match the slender look of the bike, but having slightly wider fenders is actully a plus. Plus the bike looks amazing now!


a-style said...

It looks great! Maybe you could start a fan club for that brand of bike. Does it have a horn?

jason fowler said...

There's already fan clubs for Raleigh bikes, but unfortunately mine is a cheap(er) model, so not a whole lot of following with it. It's originally a Raleigh Sovereign. And no, it doesn't have a horn. I used to have a sweet 3-tone horn with 3 different sized horns all connected to one large rubber squeezer, but i lost the squeezer, so it became unusable. Sad Day! )c: