Monday, October 13, 2008

My day off / Ducks!

So it's Columbus Day and I actually get it off. It's the only day in October that we get off. November is another story. October we have 22 total school days. In November, we only have 14! Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, inservice, the NJEA convention for 2 days, and Veteran's Day, we've got lots of vacation days. Well, I'll be brief today since even though it's my day off, I still have a lot to do!

We've got flocks of flying fowl of all kinds around here. Geese are aplenty and ducks are everywhere. Luckily I haven't re-lived one of my most traumatic childhood experiences - being bit by a goose who didn't want to let go - so all is well (so far). But one night we noticed a lot of quacking outside our window. It was a whole flock of ducks. They weren't spooked at all by us, so I got some bread and started feeding them. Their bite isn't so hard, so i was able to hand-feed them. Unfortunately they left some excrement on the sidewalk on their way out. :-P


Unknown said...

I still remember your Mom saying oh...oh...oh as I was filming the whole attack. Once I knew you were ok I thought I'd die laughing. Can't trust those geese!
Love, Dad