Monday, December 22, 2008

11 Days and counting / 1 Day and counting!

So the past 11 days of school, I've ridden my bike to school - through sun, rain, sleet, & cold. Today is been the coldest yet. The actual temp was 17°F & Weather Channel's "real feel" temperature was 2°F! I did pretty well, but I now see why someone invented bike shoe covers. My feet were freezing! If I had some good REI wind/rain pants, some water-proof gloves, and some water-proof shoe covers, I'd be set for any conditions. Right now I'm using my ski/snowboarding pants over jeans if it gets windy or wet, but they're really baggy.

The picture is of my bike in my room. There's no real good place to put it, so I put it on the side wall & lock it up to a desk (just in case), although I'd like to see someone try to ride it with no bike shoes with the fixed gear. Think it'd be hilarious.

My other countdown is when we'll be back in Texas. Jocelyn should be close to finishing up her last exam, then she'll be done. We've got a place for the pups and the cat all set up, so all we need to do is pack tonight.

Tomorrow Joce will drop me off at school, take the kids to their boarding place (Halo House Pet Resort), then head back home to have everything packed up in the car. They're going to let the kids go to their lockers and get their jackets after 7th period and do a fire drill during 8th period. Then they'll dismiss school from there. This way the students (& teachers) can go home straight from there. I'll get Joce to pick me up then & we'll be on our way to the airport. There's this valet-type parking company that we'll use. We drive to the lot, then someone drives us (in our car) to the terminal. When we get back, they come pick us up in our car. Pretty nifty set up and it's actually the cheapest! Smart move on their part too. They don't have to pay for gas or a shuttle van. Our flight leaves at 4:05pm our time and arrives in Austin at 7:30pm or so Texas-time.

Well, the bell is about to ring for 8th period, so I should go.

See you Texas folk soon!
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