Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day!!

So today was great. I was awakened by a phone call from the school saying that there was a 2-hour delayed opening. It was a WINTER WONDERLAND!! Snow was everywhere! It was so light and airy that it looked like little pixies spread glitter everywhere. It was gorgeous! It wasn't too bad where I was (being only 3 miles away from school), but I hear it was worse elsewhere, which explains the 2-hour delayed opening. Delayed openings are always a plus since I'm able to wake up and take it easy in the morning. I woke up, took some pictures, took the dogs out and let them play, took Joce to the speedline station, then came back home and worked on lesson plans. I felt so refreshed when I got to school and the energy stayed with me all day. Only if we would have 2-hour delayed openings everyday! Also, I just got my results from my 2nd quarter classroom observation and they were great, so that helped add to the day's greatness. So besides that, not much else is new. Click on the picture below for some pictures and videos of the snow around here for you "sutherners."


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